Become the best on the VALHALLAMU.FUN project!

Opening x100 (NO GR) - 6 October!

Season 3 Remaked, New sets, New quests, New maps, new bosses and much more!


» First CS after start x1000!

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» BONUS and small update 26.10 ;)

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First CS after start x1000!

Congratulations to the relaxxx guild on the successful capture of the castle and wish you success in all your endeavors!

The store on the site is open!

The X-Shop in the game has been updated, if not updated, re-enter the character.

Small update: The system of stat bonuses per reset has been changed. Now Up to 100 reset is given 100/120 stats, and after 100 res DW, DK, ELF gets 110 stats, and DL, MG 130 stats each.

Posted 31 October , 2022

BONUS and small update 26.10 ;)

Hello! Updated bonus system for server newbies!

Bonus all new players:

- After registration, each new account receives Platinum Vip for 24 hours;

- 5 Resets;

- 500 Stats;

- 1kk zen;

 P.S. By popular demand, it was decided to reduce the required number of zen per reset to 1kk * Reset!

Have a good day! ;)

Posted 26 October , 2022
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