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Opening x100 (NO GR) - 6 October!

Season 3 Remaked, New sets, New quests, New maps, new bosses and much more!

x1000 Server Statistics
Total Guilds 41
Total Gms 3

x1000 Server Market Statistics
Total Items 0
Active Items 0
Expired Items 0
Total Sold 0
Total Sales ForWCoinC 0
Total Sales ForCredits 0
Total Sales ForWeb Zen 0

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild MoshPit
State Siege Warfare (2023-12-03 10:00 - 2023-12-03 12:00)
Money 795.9 KKZen
tax_chaos 3%
Tax Store 3%
Tax Hunt Zone 0Zen

# Guild Master Reg Marks
No Registered Guilds
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